Sunday, December 20, 2009

Thank you, Officer!

In California, it is illegal to talk on your cell phone while driving. Of course, most people still do it. I try to keep my phone on speaker at all times, but when the monkeys are in the car, that's pretty impossible to do.

Yesterday I was just getting off the freeway, had my two monkey's and their friend in the car with me, and see flashing lights in my rear view mirror! Efff!! I knew what he was pulling me over for. After fines and fees, the ticket for talking on the cell phone is over $100!

The officer was actually very nice. I didn't even TRY to play dumb. Right away I told him I knew why he pulled me over. I handed over my license, registration and insurance. The monkeys all said hi to him and started talking to him.

I think it was the monkeys' smiles because the officer let me off with a warning about the cell phone and just a fix it ticket for not having my most up to date insurance information in the car (only a $20 ticket).

I thanked him profusely and he was shocked - he told me that most people yell at him for pulling them over!! Ummm, I am in the wrong, I was doing something illegal, and he let me off with a much less costly ticket! Why would I be mad at HIM?!?!

For the rest of the weekend all three monkeys told everyone they met that I got pulled over by a police man :)

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April said...

Maybe a Bluetooth instead of the speaker system?

Happy holidays to you and yours, Julia!