Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Here is how we Celebrate

I was walking around our neighborhood last night and was enjoying looking at all the beautifully decorated houses. Even we put out reindeer, a snow man and Santa Claus (even though were Jewish). In fact, this neighborhood has quite a number of Jews in it.

I guess this house decided that they were going to go all out and celebrate Hanukkah with the same zeal that people celebrate Christmas with:

There's a Maccabe holding a shield with a dreidel next to him :)


Lucy said...

I just love it! Hey, it is a great time of the year, people celebrating what they believe and sharing it with others, even if it is just the tradition of Santa because they don't believe in a Higher Power. You know there is something about this time of year that makes us get together, see each other, give each other a little gift and enjoy the people around us. That is the part of the 'SEASON' that I like!

Joanie M said...

Happy Channukah, a little late!

Love the photo of the Maccabe! 'Tis the season!