Monday, August 31, 2009


We had friends over tonight (and made a great chicken dish which I will post tomorrow) and the kids wanted Nestle Drumsticks.

There were 2 caramel, 1 vanilla and 1 chocolate. The big monkey gave friend 1 vanilla, gave friend 2 caramel and both monkey's had caramel. Friend 2 wanted chocolate instead of caramel(the flavor everyone wanted). I gave the chocolate to friend 2. The big monkey started crying that it wasn't fair and that she didn't really like caramel and that no one should get chocolate.

I explained that we're the hosts. The guests always get first pick, and sometimes that means that, as the hosts, we do without. I don't think she quite understood but she stopped crying. I also promised to buy her more drumsticks tomorrow and gave her a spoonful of Starbucks mocha ice cream to eat with her caramel drumstick. Crisis averted.

I was raised to believe that guests come first, and I am teaching that to the monkeys. However, more and more I'm seeing people teaching their kids that they don't have to be good hosts, and that what they want comes first. Am I just being old fashioned?

What do you guys think?


Lucy said...

You absolutely did the right thing and on top of that you are teaching them that sometimes in life you don't always get what you want and you survive!

Kudo's to you!!!

April said...

No, you're right.

Terri said...

Nope, not old fashioned, just plain right. Good manners are as hard to come by these days as a copy of Emily Post....I'm always surprised by those who don't even know who she was!!!