Wednesday, August 19, 2009

I Am Not Sentimental

My baby, my little monkey - she graduated from preschool today.

I was watching her concert and was in a weird way shocked to see that she was one of the big kids, one of the ones who was graduating. She was standing next to her best friend since birth (OK, fine, 3 months old), who she has been in preschool with since day 1, and was just marveling at how far they've come. I kept sneaking glances at his mom and seeing that she was thinking the same thing I was thinking.

As "unsentimental" as I am, I almost started tearing up during the ceremony/recital/concert. To think, my baby is all grown up and about to start Kindergarten. No more naps during the day (maybe now she'll fall asleep before 10pm), she will now take a back-pack with her, and she will be in the same school as the big monkey.

I definitely don't want more children, but there is something sad about knowing that the toddler years are officially over!


Lucy said...

It is always hard to watch the youngest one go over a last hurdle. It is exciting to see your oldest and bittersweet to watch the youngest!

My 'baby' starts her Senior year of High School on Tuesday, I'm still wrapping my head around that one! And yet, my oldest Starts his Senior year in College on Monday and I'm excited for him!!!

Under the Influence said...

My youngest of three starts kindergarten next week and my oldest starts 7th grade!

I'm not overly sentimental either, but time does fly by, doesn't it?

Joanie M said...

Wait until you have to put her on the bus for kindergarten.

My "baby" is leaving for college next Saturday.

I'm throwing a kegger on Sunday. :)