Sunday, August 30, 2009

Ups and Downs

In one day you can be the best parent AND the worst parent. Today, I was such a parent.

In the morning, I was the best mom:
We took the kids to visit the puppy we will be taking home in 6 weeks.

In the afternoon, I was the worst mom:
I was driving the monkeys to visit grandma and grandpa and talking on the phone at the same time. My big monkey got something in her eye. After I get off the phone she thanks me (her voice dripping with sarcasm) for, "Finally getting off the phone so you can take care of your child".

Oh , well! All was forgiven when they came home to find I had bought them shorts and bathing suits (if you have Nordstrom Rack near you they are having a GREAT sale).


LL said...

Best parent/worst parent. Two sides of the same coin for the most part. When my daughters are happy with me I'm the best dad in the world. When they're not, I'm a tyrant.

April said...

Every time I make a decision the girls don't like, I always say, "I know, I'm the worst mommy ever. Deal with it."

LL said...

During the best of times, being a parent is a difficult job.

And the thanks come years later when you have grandchildren... and the kids say, "now I get it."