Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Meme and Award

The fabulous and extraordinary Quirkyloon picked me (I feel so popular) for the Premier Meme Award.

Before I can display the award, I must share with you seven personality traits and then pay it forward to seven others.

I am not as inventive as Quirky, who decided to list 7 reason Paris Hilton should be her new BFF, but I'll try :)

Seven Personality Traits (that I realized I have by watching my monkeys behavior and wondering where the heck they got those traits?!?!?!):

  1. The big monkey calls me today and says, "Mom. You said Stacee would pick me up at 10am. It's 10:03 and I'm still at home. Where is she?" I am a big stickler on time - I don't always have to be on time but if someone tells me they're going to meet me at a particular time, I will be pissed if they are two minutes late :)

  2. The little monkey asked me why I thought I knew more than her just because I'm the mom and she's the kid. Mind you, THE LITTLE MONKEY JUST TURNED 5! I don't care how old you are - respect can be easily lost if you are not a good person. Also, age is not a sign of intelligence.

  3. We have a pool, a trampoline, tons of games, a Play Station, etc... The monkeys are constantly asking me "where are we going next?" I can never sit still and do nothing (unless it's playing effing addicting Bouncing Balls on Facebook).

  4. The monkey's say hi to everyone - including the creepy people in the cars next to us. I am a very friendly and outgoing person and can find someone to talk to in any room.

  5. The big monkey is constantly looking for affirmation that what she's doing is right. Me too.

  6. The little monkey is not afraid of ANYTHING and jumps in with both feet. I spent 2 months in Israel (without any family) when I was 17 and back-packed by myself through Europe after graduating from college.

  7. Both monkeys have memories like elephants. The will remind us of everything we've told them we'd do, even in passing, that we ended up not being able to do. To this day, I still remind my parents about the time they took my sister to Disneyland without me (I was 5!).

I may as well give up now because I am FUBAR'd!!

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LL said...

I picked up the gauntlet you tossed at my feet!

Joanie M said...

Cool! Just give me a little time to think on this.

Under the Influence said... you get pisseed if someone is two minutes EARLY or is it just when they are late? :)

La Mom said...


Merci for the meme! It's my first one. I'll make sure to pass it on.

Bisous on both cheeks,
La Mom

A Mom on Spin said...

Thank you for the meme, but does having seven different personality traits make you . . . like Sybil or something????

Lucy said...

Isn't it scary when you see yourself in your little ones??

Thanks a bunch for this and I have been thinking of my traits, I will be posting soon!!!

Janna Bee said...

Thank you Thank you! I will try and get one out this week!

disa said...