Tuesday, August 4, 2009


A friend of mine talked me in to being an Examiner. I am now the San Fernando Valley Working Moms Examiner. I've even put a button on my left side bar.

My first article was a re-print of my Fiddler blog post. My second article is up now.

We'll see how it goes :)


Joanie M said...

I love Fiddler! When my daughter was a Freshman in high school, the Drama Club did Fiddler and my daughter was Fruma Sarah! (pearls, Pearls, PEARLS!!!!) I volunteered, making costumes, selling tickets, working on the program. And my 2 younger kids were with me, since their dad was always working on Sundays. My younger kids had parts too. Since they didn't have enough smaller boys, they asked my son to be a son (he was 10). And my youngest was 7, and not be left out, asked if she could be a daughter! Ah, good memories!

Joanie M said...

OOPS!! Forgot to tell you, great articles! I look forward to reading more!