Wednesday, September 9, 2009

A New Year

Wow! 9 days without blogging. I was going through withdrawal symptoms (twitchy typing fingers, speaking my mind to random strangers, etc...).

Last week I was on vacation with the family in Napa (more precisely Calistoga). The best part about it, there was absolutely nothing to do there except swim, relax, take a walk to the candy store, eat and go wine tasting (which I mainly skipped since I was there with the kids). Also, no WI-FI in our hotel!!

Now, back to REALITY. The kids started school today. The big monkey got a good teacher for 2nd grade but I'm a bit bummed she isn't with her best friend (she is however with one of her other closest friends). The little monkey got a teacher I'm not thrilled with. Thankfully, she really liked her today. I really hoped she would get the big monkey's kindergarten teacher. I am currently thinking I will put in a written request to change teachers, but I may change my mind.

Homework started already, for all 3 of us in fact. I had to fill out a TON of paperwork for each monkey! Why couldn't I just photo copy this stuff and put both names on it?!?!?! The monkey's also each had their own homework. Would someone tell the teachers to cut it out with all of the pictures the kids have to draw for homework! It takes me forever to help them figure out how to draw!!! Grrr! Vodka Mom - can you explain it to me????

I will talk about our vacation in the next couple of days. I'm so happy to be back!

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April said...

I strongly recommend and the book The Case Against Homework for tips on how to lessen the load. I just got Riley's teacher to cut down the reading homework by half!