Saturday, September 26, 2009


It's amazing the difference between a kids party and an adults party:

Kid Party - The food HAS TO BE pizza and cake
Adult Party - The food should be interesting, flavorful and hopefully not pizza
Kid Party - Any party that includes jumping, kicking, running, crawling and calisthentics rules
Adult Party - Any party that includes sitting on your ass laughing and having your alcohol re-filled at your seat rules
Kid Party - Kids walk away with party favors
Adult Party - Adults walk away tipsy with hopefully no headache in the morning
Kid Party - The best presents are anything they can play with
Adult Party - The bet presents are anything you can shop with
Kid Party - Kids LOVE to pose for pictures at any angle
Adult Party - Adults make sure you get their good side, not take while eating and have veto power over the results

We had the big monkey's birthday party today at the Taekwondo studio. The kids had a blast. I'm exhausted!


dizzblnd said...

LOL! I've never thought about the differences before.. but laughed as you pointed them out and how true that is!

Lucy said...

I was always glad when the party was OVER, like I survived another one (lol)

Joanie M said...

Happy Birthday to Big Monkey!

Lee of MWOB said...

Ha ha Julia!! That's awesome! What a great comparison....and one to add to the list of differences between an adults' party and a kids' party is.....

At a great kids' party, there are adults there.

At a great adults' party, there are NO kids there!!

Hops all is well in your world...


JulieChats said...

I'm in the mood for an adult party, too many kid parties & parties with kids lately for me!

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