Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend

This year, Memorial Day came early. Usually, most people travel somewhere outside of where they live.

This year, it seems like most people stayed home. Luckily though, two of my closest friends, and my parents, came down from San Francisco.

We had a birthday party for the little monkey, who turned 5. We held the party at a play place, which was perfect. Two hours of partying, then we get to leave while the play place does all the clean up. All we provided was the food and drinks for the adults. They did EVERYTHING else.

After, my closest friends, from SF, and a couple of folks who live near us, came over and swam in our pool for a couple of hours.

Then its was off to drive my friend, and her son, to the airport. I took my mom with me because I surprised her with theater tickets as a Mothers Day gift - we were seeing Dirty Dancing that night!!!

Sunday we had another birthday to attend - the big monkey's friends big sister. This was a pool and movie party. Happy Birthday to Tiffany and Stacee (it was the mom's birthday that day)!! She had two tons of food at her party and it was all so yummy!! The movie was Mall Cop - really funny!

Today, we had another kids birthday to go to. This one was also at a play place (not the same one ours was at). This place had a bunch of blow up slides and different structures. We think it would be really cool to have an adult party there, complete with an open bar ;) The food at this party was REALLY good pizza and a couple of fruit trays. Dessert was birthday cake.

Some of my friends still tease me about this post. Today's birthday only had pizza, fruit and cake. However, there was enough pizza for everyone. Even if people took thirds and fourths. Same with the fruit. That is the difference. I truly don't care what the food at a party consists of - I just don't think that I should come home starving if I do decide to eat.

After the party today, I met 2 friends at a new foot massage place down the street. At $19.95 for a full body massage (albeit with clothes on), I will definitely be coming back.

The massage was the perfect ending to this weekend. Friends and family in from out of town, swimming every day, a party every day, and a bit of relaxation for me. Now if only I had on extra day to recuperate.

Tomorrow, I will review the musical we went to see, Dirty Dancing. It was easily in the top 5 musicals I have ever seen.


Adriana said...

I too judge a birthday by the food :) J/K but I know what you mean. I love the bday parties for small children that only have juice boxes for the adults to drink also lol. Sounds like you had a super busy weekend and I can't wait to hear about dirty dancing.

LL said...

The birthday is ALL about the food.

kel said...

Sounds like an awesome holiday! I have never had a massage! I need to do that!

Lucy said...

Wow, you were a busy lady!
Sounds like a fun filled weekend:)