Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Dirty Dancing, The Musical

On Saturday I took my mom to see Dirty Dancing at the Pantages Theater in Los Angeles. It was her belated Mothers Day gift.

Truthfully, I had VERY LOW expectations for this show. I loved the movie and did not think that the musical could do the movie justice.

Boy was I wrong!! The musical was AMAZING!!

My background is that I have been involved with theater since I was a sophomore in high school, where I was on Stage Crew. During college, I stage managed, produced, back stage managed, etc... our college theater. I have seen plays and musicals in London, New York, San Francisco, Vegas and LA. I have had a passion for theater for the last 18 years.

Dirty Dancing, the musical, blew me away. It is FOR SURE in the top 5 musicals I have EVER seen. I can not say enough good things about it. And my reaction is NOT unique. Every person I talk to feels the same way, including my mother.

The sets - unbelievable. They were able to employee mediums I had never seen used in such unique ways. The rotating stage gave a three dimensional quality to the performance, that many times is lacking in stage shows. The way that they showed Baby and Johnny in the lake was unexpected and amazing.

The voices - unbelievably good. And strong. And powerful. The musical numbers were enhanced by the voices to the nth degree!

The dancing - WOW!! That is the only way to describe it. The dancing encompassed ballroom and free style. As in the movie, much of the story was told through dance, and what amazing dancing it was!! Maybe the best I have ever seen.

The acting - very good. The actress who plays baby really has the role down pat. The actor who plays Johnny has an AMAZING body. He is a very good actor (aside from trying VERY hard to get the American accent just right).

Overall, I would give the show an unequivocal 10!!

I would urge anyone who can get to the Pantages before the end of June to definitely see this show!!


Annette Piper said...

What a great review of the show! Sounds like you know what you're talking about too with all that experience. I love live shows - rarely get to see any out here in the boonies :)

LL said...

Do you know if it's coming to Orange County from LA?

Joanie M said...

I'll have to watch for it if it comes to Philadelphia! I am a Drama Mama after all (1 daughter with a degree in theatre and 1 daughter leaving for college soon for her degree in theatre)

Did you know they're making The Addams Family into a musical? With Bebe Neuwerth as Morticia (perfect!),
and Nathan Lane as Gomez (still trying to picture that... got John Astin firmly implanted in my mind).

Julia@SometimesLucid said...

Annette - Thanks. IT's been over 10 years since I participated in any shows, but I still notice more than others. Probably always will.

LL - I don't think it's coming to the OC. So far it's only in LA. I would recommend you driving up to LA for it.

Joanie - I didn't realize you were a drama mama! Hmmm, Addams Family the Musical...it would have to be totally campy, right?

Lucy said...

Oh, that sounds great!

We get season tickets for the Broadway Series in my little area but we also drive to NYC for plays/musicals quite often.

We went to NYC last Summer and saw Spring Awakening (awesome, even my husband really liked it and he is not a big fan of musicals) and August:Osage County a great play.

Anyways, I don't think I can talk him into going to L.A., although that would be a lot of fun!!!