Thursday, May 21, 2009

Open House

Tonight was Open House for the big monkey. I got to see what she has been working on, she got to show me her projects, and I got to apologize to the teacher for getting her DRUNK as a SKUNK. She told me that her Sunday was non-existent after that Saturday night ;)

Most importantly - I got to spy on the 2nd grade classrooms. The 1st one we walked in to had incense burning (WTF?) and was a tree/earth theme. The classroom actually seemed very imaginative and cool but I heard that the teacher yells.

The 2nd classroom was actually a teacher the monkey has already had - she was in a split K/1st grade last year in the afternoons (for kids whose math or science was above grade level). She's teaching 2nd grade this year and will be again next year. Great teacher, but VERY laid back. Might not be the best fit to have her for a second year.

The 3rd teachers classroom was ALL about animals and science. You can tell that she put a lot of work in to her classroom and her kids.

I'm OK, and I think the monkey would be, with either the 1st or 3rd teacher, but we'll see what happens. I wonder if a bottle of vodka will do the trick, since the current teachers pick next years class assignments?

Most of all, I hope that she is in the same classroom with her closest friends (whose moms I adore).


LL said...

Did the monkey's grades improve when you fed the teacher drinks? I would think yes - unless the hangover canceled all the good will. (haha)

I am Harriet said...

Hi Julia.
Hope you have a wonderful weekend.
Take care.

Lucy said...

Open House at the end of the year? That is interesting, a different way of doing things. By the end of the year in our neck of the woods we are like, "Who cares about next year get us the heck out of this school." And the classrooms look like they have been through a tornado.
But you are right to think about it because they are making the classes for next year now!!
Good Luck on getting your pick:)