Monday, May 4, 2009

The Wrong Feature

This is my Monday feature, "The WRONG feature".

Play along.

5 things you think maybe be wrong, for one reason or another and 1 that you KNOW is wrong.

Is this wrong:
  • I got my first graders teacher drunk on Saturday night at a school fund raiser
  • My dinner tonight was left over desserts from dinner last night
  • I constantly wish there was a way to TIVO (actually DirecTV DVR) three shows at one time. Yes, I love TV.
  • I want to look in to the future 5 years to see if the choices I am making are the right ones
  • I'd love to hire someone to rearrange my closet because I have a closet full of clothes and nothing to wear - and I'm scared to take a whack at it myself

I KNOW this is just WRONG :

The Hoff is binge drinking again - and makes his 16 year old take care of him. . Seriously, grow the eff up!

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