Saturday, May 16, 2009

What I did Saturday

I am turning in to my mother. When I was young, I always wondered how and why my mother ran around ALL the time. Now I realize it is because there are NOT enough hour in the day, especially when you have kids.

This was my today:
09:20am - Leave the house
09:25am - Drop off book at a girl friends house
09:35am - Drop off big monkey at Russian school
10:00am - Go to farmers market with little monkey
11:00am - Little monkey has ballet
12:00pm - Finish ballet and MUCH NEEDED coffee
12:45pm - Stop by new Henry's market
01:10pm - Pick up big monkey from Russian school
02:00pm - Drop off monkey's at in-laws
03:00pm - Come home
03:30pm - Drive to new tutoring place to inquire about math tutoring
04:00pm - Go to mall to get white underwear so they won't show under leotard for big monkey
04:30pm - Drive baby sitter to her friends house
05:30pm - Waxing appointment (where I fell asleep because as long as I am laying on a bed it doesn't matter what's being done to me - um, within reason ;))
07:00pm - Come home and eat first/only meal of left overs and chocolate candy
08:30pm - Pick up baby sitter from her friends house
09:00pm - Go back to new market, called Henry's, to look around and do some grocery shopping without the monkey
10:00pm - Come home and RELAX

I will be picking up the monkey's tomorrow morning.

Noe of what I did today was unique or unlike a typical Saturday. Furthermore, I am sure that most parents have similar weekend on a regular basis.

That being said, I have no idea how my mother kept this up for YEARS!! I am pooped


Under the Influence said...

My secret? Assign some of those tasks to the hubby!

Lee of MWOB said...

OKay - I am so exhausted just reading that list. I spent my Saturday on Catalina Island with my man and NO KIDS doing absolutely NOTHING and it was nothing less than absolutely brilliant.

Sometimes a slower life is what it is all about....