Monday, February 23, 2009


All of us (ok, most of us) struggle with attaining some kind of "ideal" that is known only to us. Usually this ideal coincides with numbers on a scale.

However, I do have some question.

  • Why is it that the scale keeps going up but people tell me how great I look?
  • Does muscle really weight THAT much more than fat? REALLY??
  • If all I eat is soup, even if it's Asian MSG filled soup, why is it that the scale goes up in the morning?
  • Why is it that some clothes fit exactly the same, some are a bit looser and some are tighter?
  • How is it that I can increase the number of times a week I work out and STILL gain weight?

And the BIG ONES:

  • Why do I care so much about those little numbers on the scale???
  • Why am I so OBSESSED with one particular number???


Under the Influence said...

I don't worry TOO MUCH about the number as long as it stays within a specific range. As long as I am comfy in my clothes and healthy, that is what is important. With that said, if my weight jumped up a lot, I would be concerned and depressed.

Sass said...

Lots of things cause the scale to go up. I hate to be one of "those" people, but if you're literally only eating "Asian MSG filled soup," you're going to gain weight.

The body needs fuel to burn. Otherwise it just clings to what it has. And don't go give me that argument about people who starve themselves skinny. Yes, it happens. It takes a long, long time, and it is the most unhealthy way to do it.

I'll get off my soap box now, and tell you that YES, muscle most definitely weighs more than fat.

If I weren't such a pansy, I'd tell you how much I weigh, and then tell you that my size, and you'd realize that muscle can weigh a lot.

Okay, seriously off my soap box.


Scandalous Housewife said...

I'm obsessed with my weight. It never makes sense. It's like the Katy Perry song, 'It's up then it's down, it's left and it's right, we fight we break up, we kiss, we make up'...

Janna Bee said...

I don't weight myself anymore- too depressing!

Lucy said...

Ladies, I think I am older than all of you. Once again, the nice thing about hitting your forties, You come to appreciate YOU.
I do not weigh myself.
Now, that being said, I do care how I look.
I watch what I eat but do not deprive myself of anything, I am careful on portions and have learned to throw food out.
I wear what looks good and do not get hung up on sizes. I have also accepted that the body changes, so what looked good on me at 20, might not be so great now. Maybe if I worked harder like some but I don't want to and that is my choice. I walk, eat right and buy clothes that look good.
I never get on a scale.
It is all about doing what makes you feel right.
My first advice weigh yourself only once a week.
Eat when you are hungry, not at specific times and stop eating as soon as you feel full, throw the food away. PERIOD.
Also, if you want dessert, cut back on food portions. I love my sweets. I have dessert every night, so I cut back on dinner!
Good Luck!

Moi said...

I feel ya - on all of those!

Ann said...

Oh my gosh!
I totally relate to what your saying. In fact, my last post was about weight. (Quite embarrassing actually :-> )

How about we stop looking at the numbers and start paying attention to how we feel? (I will if you will!)

bernthis said...

I've heard that it is true that as we get older are bodies shift and certain areas get a bit bigger and others smaller.

Me? If my clothes feel good on me, that is what I use to judge how i'm doing on the fight against weight gain.

Heather said...

My body shape has definitely changed since having kids with some parts bigger and others smaller. I just wear the clothes that make me feel good.

Thanks for visiting my blog today, I wish my husband would bring McDreamy home with him - except then I would be obsessed with how untidy the house is!!!

Kate said...

Because the scale it a jerk that only likes to mess with your head. I had my husband put mine in a place that I can't reach b/c it was driving me CRAZY! I feel much better about the progress (hopefully) I am no making. My advice, get rid of the scale.