Thursday, February 19, 2009

Best Invention Ever

This looks so cool! Of course, WAY TOO EMBARRASSED to get this or use this!

What do you guys think?


LL said...

Men have stood while urinating since humans were upright. I thought it was the only thing we had left. Now, sadly, we'll be standing next to women at the urinals before you know it. :^(

Under the Influence said...

I could have used that at a few concerts and parties I've been to and had to pee by a tree or a car in a parking lot. Thankfully, those days are over and I don't think I will be need that thing any more!

Lucy said...

Where in the world did you find that?

Someone is actually making money off of such an invention?

Ladies, save your money and build some muscle and do the good ole fashion 'hover' over the toliet if there is no paper to line the seat.
I much rather spend my money on anything else but that.

Toooooo Funny!!!

Suburbia Steph said...

Oh my gosh ~ I saw this last night! Hilarious!

Janna Bee said...

You may laugh, but I think it is PERFECT for camping.

LL said...

In Europe there are a lot of co-ed washrooms in bars and restaurants. The first time I experienced it was a small restroom in a restaurant. the urinals were on one side and the sinks on the other. I was mid-stream when two women came in to check their make up. It was disquieting.

After due consideration, having a woman slide up next to me in a urinal and meat-gaze would be a lot more comfortable than having a guy do it.

So I say - you go girl!

PS - the toilets in that restroom had no stall walls providing any modest pretenses at all.

Sass said...

FUD. I love that.

Hold on, there Sass...we don't have to go to the bathroom. I brought the FUD.


Okay, I'll stop.


fud. hee hee

heartatpreschool said...

That is the cookiest thing I've ever seen, but also kinda cool. I wonder if a man or a woman invented it?

Tickled Pink And Green said...

LOL! That is hilarious.