Sunday, February 22, 2009

Things aren't always smooth when I bake

aka Why I don't like to bake as much as I like to cook.

For Valentines Day, the husband gave me a couple of items from one of my FAVORITE stores, Williams Sonoma. One of the items, I already had. So, I went to exchange it for something I didn't have but wanted.

Is it a sign of a mental illness when I realized that I had pretty much every cooking gadget that I wanted or needed?!?!?!?!?!

It was expensive, but I had to replace my Valentine's gift, right?? And the mold is re-usable.

On Saturday, I took the kids to see a play and afterwords to lunch with their friends and then everyone came back to my place.

Since no one was hungry, I decided to make these "corks".

First off - inside the huge canister was three bags. One was labeled sugar, one chocolate chips and one Bouchon mix. They're charging $18 for 2/3 sugar and chocolate chips??? WTF?!?!?! And I had to add my own butter and eggs!!

So I started following the directions on the back of the mix canister.

Melt one stick of butter in a sauce pan - CHECK.
Put the other stick of butter in a bowl - CHECK (in to the electric mixes bowl it went).

This is apparently where it gets tricky!

Pour the melted butter over the un-melted stick - CHECK.
Begin to stir the butters together - CH....Oh no, FLYING BUTTER comes at me.
And this didn't just happen once - it happened AT LEAST 3 times!!! It was funny as all hell but still! Our friends were over and just staring at this sight of butter catapulting towards me.

I told them, "See! Not everything I make is easy for me :)"

After I got the butter to stay in the bowl, I finished the corks. They were amazingly delicious. They didn't rise as high as I thought they should (I think I under filled the mold since I got 24 not 18) and I seem to have misplaced my powdered sugar, but non-the-less these were mighty tasty! Very similar to bite sized molton lava cakes.

Next time I'll just use the recipe that come with the mold and watch out for the flying butter :)


Under the Influence said...

I am the same - like to cook but don't like to bake. I always burn something.

Scandalous Housewife said...

QLF is a bouchon? Can I eat it for breakfast? Looks divine...

Anonymous said...

Julia! Flying butter? That is definitely a new one! hee hee

BTW, I left something for ye at me blog. Go check it out when ye have a chance, k?


LL said...

Those look like ebelskivers. If so, YES they are delicious and unfortunately they do taste very good when you use the expensive ebelskiver mix. They can be filled with apples, custard or even chocolate. DANGER WARNING: they are rich in calories and flavor.

Lucy said...

Those look yummy. But if I can't buy it in the bakery then I guess I will never be trying one because I do not bake. I applaud you for going for it, flying butter and all.

La Mom said...

You may think I'm stupid and I'm definitely not a baker, but what's a Bouchon mix? A bouchon in French is the cork in a bottle of wine.

Lee of MWOB said...

I do much better in the baking category than the cooking category so I may have to give these a whirl - flying butter and all. My hubby would LOVE these I think....

kel said...

mmmmmmmm....flying butter.....yum.

Kelly @ Wisdom Begun said...

LOL poor thing. I've had similar experiences.