Monday, February 16, 2009

Blogger Questions

A couple of questions that have been plaguing me recently:

  • How do I respond to an individual comment in an email to the person with their comment quoted?
  • What are those links at the bottom of the posts, and why do them?
  • Should I change my blog layout (it is my original one and quite plain)?
  • Does labeling my posts really help?

OK - I guess it is just 3 questions, but they have been plaguing me and I need answers. Pretty please with a cherry on top!


Under the Influence said...

My comments come to my e-mail address. To respond, I just hit reply. If they have a public e-mail address in their profile, it will get sent back to them. If they don't, the e-mail address will say "no reply" and you cannot send them an e-mail.

At least I think that is how it works!

Sass said...

1. Yup, have blogger send the comments to your inbox, and then reply from there. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.

2. I don't use the links at the bottom of the posts, but some people do. I'm no help on that one.

3. Honestly, I get a little excited about changing it up once awhile, but don't tend to like blogs that change frequently. If this is the original, and you're ready for a change, by all means go for it! I will say...I like your layout BECAUSE of the fact that it's fairly plain. It's easy to read.

4. Yes. Labels help. I will frequently go to someone's site looking for their specific post on something, and if I can figure out what label they MAY have used, I can go from there.

Just my opinion on stuff. ;)

I am Harriet said...

Hi Julia.
Yes- you can have your comments go to your email and if they are from people with Google profiles you can somehow figure out how to respond to them. There is some work involved and before you know it, you may have no time on your hands to do much else.Other alternatives are the commenting kits from JS kits.

Backlinks are important to people truing to build up their Tenorati and other bookmarking standings.

Labeling can be important if you want to get a more customizing method of archiving. Especially, if you ever want to post those nifty link buttons on your site.

Try one of those free backgrounds- such as the ones from cutestblogontheblock to get a taste of a 'cutsey' site. You'll probably move on to a customized one at some point down the road.

Hope this helps!

Anonymous said...

1. no
2. yes
3. no
4. no

Oh sorry wrong quiz! Actually I came in here looking for answers! I have the same questions Julia.

The only one I know for sure is labelling is supposed to help others find your blog more easily.


LL said...

Your comment prompted me to check the "e-mail follow-up comments to box" when I leave comments. I hadn't thought about it before.

Dr Zibbs said...

Tagging your posts helps as well as using keywords in the title of you blog.

FYI found your blog through Gwen's

kel said...

My comments go to my email.
Its much easier. I like a simple layout so you're is nice. (mine is a hot mess right now.)

Lee of MWOB said...

Great question especially this Link to This Post thing at the bottom of posts - can someone please explain it to me/us? Clearly? If I click on the thing that says link to this post - what am I doing?? What does it mean? Have I in some way agreed to something I don't want to agree to?


Jenni Jiggety said...

My comment are emailed to me...and as long as they are not the dreaded NoReplyBlogger, I can just email a response! If they are a NoReply-er, I just can't respond.

I think labeling the posts is helpful for me...but I don't know if it helps with searches!

I like your layout...but change is always fun!