Monday, February 2, 2009


It is February. It has been one month since every one's "new" start! Resolutions are starting to wear off.

I feel like people my age are the MTV generation - you know the one that is used to two minute sound bytes, or videos, to tell the whole story. Change should be instantaneous, right?

I have the same issue. No matter how far I have come, I start thinking that I should have abc, xyz... If what we want takes a long time, we get upset and down on ourselves (or may be it is just me). If we haven't achieved our resolutions already then we tend to drop them. No wonder attendance at the gym goes down between making new years resolutions and realizing "oh shit!" I have a couple of weeks left until bathing suit season...LOL!

I'm trying to teach the monkey's to enjoy the process of growing and learning. I am trying to teach myself the same thing. That the journey is just as important as the destination.

This weekend I FREAKED out that a change in my personal life isn't happening faster. It is not in my control, and maybe that makes it worse. I want what I want, when I want it.

My friend Lupita is re-assessing her dating life. She's been out there for about 1.5 years and is frustrated. I truly understand her but I keeping thinking back on something that a trusted friend told me. She said, "I am truly glad for all the bad dates I had because it brought me to the place in my life where I was able to meet my husband".

This kind of advice is very hard to hear in the moment. Never-the-less, it is good advice.

On that note, I am exhausted and about to crash my head in to the pillow.

Question for everyone - am I starting to get boring and repetitive yet? I can take it.


Vodka Mom said...

did you say the word BATHING SUIT???


dizzblnd said...

I just don't bother making any resolutions anymore.. for the same reasons you mentioned. That and I can't afford what it takes to eat right.

To answer your question, no you are not getting boring and repetitive. I understand your fear though, we try to make our blogs interesting, and fear we may lose readership if we feel we are not up to par.
Rest assured, you are doing just fine or you wouldn't have the faithful and wonderful followers and commenters that you have... case in pint the one above me.. She rocks!

Under the Influence said...

I frequently remind myself and others that the "journey" is as important as the end result.

LL said...

The blog should be for the sake of the blog, not for the sake of retaining readership in my opinion. People find value where they discern it. Having a blog for the purpose of entertaining others seems to defeat the reason you began this in the first place.

I like your blog - but I'm new to it.

April said...

I love Carrie Fisher's line, "instant gratification takes too long."
I'm feeling quite restless in certain areas of my life, and learning to be patient in some. I consider this a lifelong struggle.
We can blame it on MTV or what have you, but I also think that part of evolution is that we're learning that some things we shouldn't have to wait for, you know? As I like to say, it is all about balance!

April said...

BTW, don't take my infrequent stops here personally. I'm still trying to get back in the hang of the whole blogging thing again.

Julia@SometimesLucid said...

Vodka Mom - You have 4-5 months :)

Dizzblnd - Thanks for the reassurance.

Under the Influence - How are the reminders going for you?

LL - I love your blog!

April - What a great quote! And no offense taken, seriously :)

heartatpreschool said...

Not for me! But, I just started reading your blog, so I'll let you know. haha ;-)