Wednesday, October 7, 2009


We are getting our new puppy on Sunday and I am starting to panic. So I am looking for help. Can you guys PLEASE let me know what I definitely should have ready at home for the puppy?

So far I know I can get a great dog bed at Costco. What else? Please comment and let me know because there are only a couple of days left.

  • How do I get the puppy not to scratch the furniture?
  • How do I get the puppy not to cry at night? Will she for sure?
  • What's the best dog food?
  • Do I need to buy doggy gates?
  • What am I forgetting

Wow! I feel like I am getting ready to bring my first child home (I don't remember being as freaked out about that).


bernthis said...

makes sure you have a ton of patience in every closet

Lana@The Kids Did WHAT?! said...

My only advise is tucker the little guy out EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. Until it is about a year and a half. Unless of course you want to come home after an hour... 20 minutes.. 10 minutes! to chewed up EVERYTHING in reach. We have a dog who is now 5. He is wonderful. But the first year he chewed EVERYTHING!! Either that or kennel train her with toys inside if you're leaving for more than 5 minutes. We learned the VERY hard way.

I'm not trying to freak you out. :S Dogs are awesome to have for so many reasons!!

As for the whining at night, it will more than likely be okay as long as he (she?) is close to someone. If the puppy isn't a "chewer", your furniture should be okay. And for house training, I would suggest those puppy pads. Unless you want to get up at 3am. haha. I guess it depends on how old your puppy is when you get her. Give her a treat every time she goes to the bathroom outside.

It's been a while since puppyhood, so that's all I have for ya. I hope something I contributed helps! :)

Enjoy your new little one!

Julia@SometimesLucid said...

Jessica - The puppy goes after my Loubitains she sleeps outside for a week!

Lana - We have a baby sitter that is home all day and a back yard. I'm hoping that she helps tire him out. Is kennel training like crate training? If so, we are going to crate train.

She is 13 weeks old and has been potty trained (goes in a 1/2 crate or outside) since she was 5 weeks old. I'm hoping she won't try to mark her territory too much.

Good suggestion on the treat!

Caffeine Court said...

Make sure you have lots of Nature's Miracle enzyme cleaner. If the puppy pees on a rug, use that and ONLY that. It will remove the odor and stain.

Also, at night, put the pup in the crate in a spot where you can't hear her cry. She'll be okay.

Puppies are like infants with pointy teeth and the ability to walk. You have to watch them like a hawk, or they get into lots of trouble.

But they are sooo worth it! I want to see pictures!!

Lucy said...

You need to resign yourself to the fact that there will be 'accidents' but it will be o.k. and with patience it won't last.

Remember the crate is the safest place for the puppy so when it is crying and you 'feel' bad remember it is for the puppy's safety, just keep telling yourself that and it will all work out.

Lastly, lot's and lot's of play. They need to be tuckered out or they get into trouble. Be prepared to give it a lot of attention, walks and play.

Have fun, you will end up falling in love with it!!!

Don't forget to post pictures!!!!