Monday, October 12, 2009

New Puppy

We got her on Sunday. I spent from 11pm-5am sleeping on the couch beside her crate. Keep your fingers crossed that the puppy will be crate trained soon.

I go through feelings of "OMG! What have I done?? I don't have time for a puppy!" to "She is so smart. Look how much she loves the kids already, and how much they love her!" and back.

Am I a schizophrenic dog owner or what??

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Lucy said...

Nope, normal. Oh, and those feelings will stay for the duration of owning the dog. Some days, I look at my TWO dogs and say,"How did I get STUCK with you two?" And other days I chit chat with them like they understand what I am saying to them, like they are my little kids hanging out with me in the house. Pretty pathetic!