Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Hiding Out

I am a grown adult, living in my own house.

And yet, here I am, hiding out in my bedroom, with the TV turned up, so I can't hear the puppy whine and cry in the living room, in her crate.

I am contemplating sleeping with the TV on all night. I can't spend a 4th night sleeping on the couch!

This will get better right? I will start to think of Maya as a member of my family, right?


Lucy said...

It will get better. Unfortunately, you have to let her cry it out and since you slept on the couch that is what she wants you by her, now you have to make her realize that is not happening anymore. It is not fun.

I have to admit that is where we failed. I do not crate my dogs at night. They both sleep in OUR room in their own beds. They are not allowed on my bed but they do get to sleep in the Master bedroom.
However, we do crate them when we leave and they know that. But, I know many people who crate their dogs at night. It is just up to you and like I said once you make it through these first few rough nights she will get use to it. Dogs are creatures of habits. YOu set the rules.

LL said...

Why did you sleep with the puppy in the first place? How does your husband feel about that?