Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Finally, someone has enough guts to stop pussy-footing around Jon Gosselin and ask him the "real" questions.

I'm not saying either of them were perfect in this marriage, but COME ON! At least she has acted with a modicum of decorum since the separation.

You go Nancy Grace!


Under the Influence said...

Thanks for posting this!

He still didn't answer the question of why he wants the show to stop - well, he did say because he wants what's best for the kids. BUT why is it best for them NOW that he's off the show and it wasn't best for them the weeks and years BEFORE he was off the show.

He's an ass.

Lucy said...

Actually, they both are horrible if you ask me and it no longer is 'funny'. If they are not careful they could lose those kids, she is actually behaving badly on television shows too. She was on the Today Show bad mouthing him. FAMILY COURT does not like parents behaving in such a way. PERIOD.

I think they BOTH need help.

The kids are paying the price and that is sad.