Thursday, October 15, 2009

Back to School Night

Tonight was back to school night, for parents only, at the monkeys school.

The 1st hour was bake sale/raffles, etc... The 2nd hour was classroom visits. This time we had to do 30 minutes in one monkeys class and 30 minutes in the other monkeys class.

These informational sessions are always good but feel a bit sterile. There isn't really enough time to go through everything and there definitely isn't time to ask questions about your own kid.

For many working parents this was the first time actually really getting to spend time in the classroom.

It would be better if the 1st hour was the classroom visits and the 2nd hour more in depth sessions with the teachers. If we wanted to speak to them we could sign up for a 5 minute time slot or something.

I always leave these nights thinking that something was missing and that I forgot to ask A, B, C.

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Lucy said...

Yeah, Back to School Night, or we call them Open House or when the kids get older we call it Curriculum night is not designed for Individual or one on one time with parents. At least in our little suburban town that's how it works. They actually make it crystal clear that it is not the night to talk with the teacher about anything specific in regards to your child. Only general questions are encouraged that will benefit ALL and then if you want you can sign up for conferences or another meeting time. At least that is how it works in my town and believe me they are very very clear about it. (lol)