Wednesday, January 20, 2010


We, in Los Angeles, are sissies. The storm is freaking us out, me included. There are moments when I am driving in the rain and I think that it's crazy to be driving in such "horrible" weather.

And then I smack myself because I realize that most cities in the US have snow in the winter. And while it is snowing, people still drive. So while I lament the fact that I can only go 40 MPH, I now realize that in some parts of the country, people are going 5 MPH, or are snowed in and can't go out at all.

I am a sissy :)


Under the Influence said...

I have a couple of friends in LA who are mesmerized by all the storming going on - the rain, the lightning, the thunder. They're not too thrilled about some of the tornado warnings though.

Suzy said...

Yesterday I was turning and braking at the same time and SOMETHING scary and horrible was going on with my wheels.

I have no idea what it is and I have to go out in the rain again today but yes, I'm a sissie too.

Even with my pink Wellies on.

Joanie M said...

Yeah, but it's scary if you aren't used to it and you have to drive in the rain. And if it's raining really hard, it IS scary!!

Lucy said...

It is all relative and if you are not use to it then it is scary. Those are skills you develope and if you don't drive in the rain often then it is not something you are use to and the storm you guys got was something unusual so it was even worse. Us Mid Westerners for better or worse are use to such storms and snowstorms so we have the skills and deal with it but trust me, if we had a little shake, you know earthquake now that would freak us out!!!