Sunday, January 24, 2010

Random Comments from my Weekend

I have heard the following comments this weekend:

Big Monkey - You have to pick us up from Taekwondo because when I got out of school the biggest rain drop fell on my face! It was like hail! Proof that it never rains in LA since my big monkey was TRAUMATIZED!

Friend - You keep burning those napkins - you're like a necrophiliac. Um, no, you mean pyromaniac! In fact, ANYTHING BUT necrophiliac!

Big Monkey - (As I was telling my husband about the conversation above) Mommy, what's necrophilia? Me - nothing it's a nonsense word (while thinking in my head that she's going to probably start using the word around the school yard).

Me - I want to have a light dinner tonight. Dinner ended up being Lobster Dynamite, Halibut on Crispy Rice, Spicy Seafood over Noodles and Bourban Bread Pudding. Amazing, but NOT light!

The preceding describes my weekend well! What a fun weekend - and I got a bunch of personal book keeping work done today!!

1 comment:

Lucy said...

Loved the Raindrop is like hail!!!
I knew your friend meant pyromaniac but honestly I had to look up what a necrophiliac was, ooh gross!!! Dinner, yummy!!
And don't you just love it when you get something accomplished over the weekend!!!