Saturday, January 2, 2010

Cooking, etc...

I was just watching the Julie & Julia movie and was enthralled. In one scene, Julia Child wonders what she is good at. The answer comes to her - she's good at eating :) She is always thinking about food, and she even dreams about it.

There are many times I feel that way as well. I don't cook every night, but I do devour cooking magazines like they are novels. I imagine cooking the recipes and then eating the meals. Interestingly enough, I sometimes look up old recipes that I have bookmarked to make and realize that my moods have shifted and/or that my taste buds have changed (I was going to say evolved, but I don't think that the things that sounds good to me now are better, just different).

I also feel the same way about cooking catalogs. I think my favorite one has to be Williams Sonoma, but I also LOVE Sur La Table and Crate and Barrel. I always discover fabulous new tools/bowls/serving pieces that I would love to own. I imagine owning them, cooking with them, serving out of them.

In fact, my husband and kids got me a couple of cooking items from Crate and Barrel for the holidays, and I must return one. I am excited to go there tomorrow - to me, that is my "candy store".

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Lucy said...

I have no idea what your job is because I know your work but I swear Julia you should go into the cooking business somehow, it seems to be your passion. At least when you retire someday you will definitely have a hobby but I do think you could turn your passion into a job somehow and then it would be more fun, you know, your job, if that made any sense at all (LOL)