Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Sisterhood Award

Lucy, from Lucys Life in Suburb World, gave me a great award. The Sisterhood Award is all about being sassy (I just love saying that word!). Bold, honest, colorful, beautiful and a compassionate person with a true heart for her fellow human being. With an upbeat attitude and always showing her gratitude for life.

I am not always upbeat or beautiful, but I am honest (sometimes to my detriment).

Lucy is so much fun to read. She always has interesting commentary on people at her work and about the her daughters' basketball team. She's really trying to raise her family right!

I find that all the blogs I follow are amazing and embody ALL of these traits.

Since I don't have a number of people I must tag with this award, I won't tag any. I will tag all ;) So please, take this award. You deserve it!!!


dizzblnd said...

You are always beautiful and upbeat! Don't believe me, just read some of your past blogs ;) Congrats on that award, I like the description that comes with it.

Thanks for letting me know the cost of that program. It sounds like it pays for itself the first time you shop. I just might have to try it out

Off to check out lucy's blog, I love reading new ones

Joanie said...

This is one of my favorite awards! Enjoy it!