Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Valentines Day in School

I decided to do what I always do, in terms of cards. I bought Wizards of Waverly Place cards and Bakugon cards. The Wizards cards come with stickers. The Bakugon cards come with tattoos. I have got to say, cards are so much cooler then when I was a kid. Back then, cards didn't come with stickers, tattoos, bookmarks or pencils attached. The also didn't have cool characters on them. Also, I had to walk four miles in the snow every day - OK, not really :)

I will also probably just make a fruit salad for the class party, because there will already be TONS of candy consumed. On Sunday, I think we will make the monkey's a special breakfast of waffles with powdered hearts on top.

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Lucy said...

I have to tell you this: My daughter, 18yrs old, asked us to pickup those store bought cards ( she can't drive because of ankle surgery) anyways, she said, " I am so embarrassed to tell you this but my A/P Government class voted and they wanted to do Valentine's Day cards and the teacher said we had to vote and if it passed we all had to do it. We voted, it passed and we all have to participate. Can you imagine, Seniors in High School passing out Valentine's cards with candies attached and putting them in decorated shoe boxes or lunch bags?" My husband said, "No, I can't believe this and what are you in Kindergarten again?" We all laughed.

But, I couldn't believe I was watching my 18 year old do Valentine's Day Cards and she put the little heart suckers in them, I just couldn't believe it!!

Lastly, you are being all healthy and staying on tract with The First Lady's program against childhood obseity. I think that is a very good cause and I hope she can really bring attention to the problem and get the word out to parents!!!