Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Kids Say The Darndest Things

Every Sunday we make waffles from scratch, whipped cream from scratch, etc... This past Sunday we decided to add some cocoa powder to the whipped cream to turn it in to chocolate whipped cream.

The little monkey, who is 5 tried the chocolate whipped cream and made a face. She said that she didn't really like it. I told her that I thought that she actually did like it. Her response:

"Oh yeah! Well then why don't you open up my head, look inside my brain and tell me if I really like it?!?!?!"

The older monkey was at her friends house a couple of week ago for breakfast and got super excited when her mom brought out frozen waffles. She said that she only gets home made ones at home and was SUPER excited to GET TO eat the frozen ones, like her friend. She has also been begging me to make hamburger helper (sigh).

I am depriving my children of processed food, lol!

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