Thursday, February 4, 2010

Random Thoughts

I was watching The Real Housewives of Orange County and Lynne was having a housewarming party in her new home. These are my random thoughts while watching this episode:

  • You move in to a smaller, rented house to save money and yet the house is on THE BEACH! I'm willing to guess that the house is not that much cheaper than the rent or mortgage you were spending living in your old house.
  • You have a house warming party where the men talk about spending less money in this economy - all the while, the party is catered. Couldn't the guests make their own drinks? Also, the food was sliders. Really??? How about you just make some pasta and salad. Cheaper , healthier and easier to eat at a dinner party (it was comical watching them with their knives and forks trying to cut in to the sliders)!
  • One of the guests, Jim, talks about reducing his spending habits as well. A couple of episodes back he bought his wife an enormous diamond necklace. Way to save there, buddy.
  • Lynne talks about how she is working so much now on her cuff business. At the same time, she has time to spend hours a day in the gym.
  • Tamra and Lynne try to talk Vicki in to going to a workout class with them. The class is two hours long and then they go to lunch afterwords. They are surprised when Vicki can't take 5 hours out of her day (driving to the gym, working out, changing, lunch and driving back). Seriously??
  • All Vicki talks about is how much she works. I don't remember her working that much in season one. Someone has something to prove.

OK - I have no idea why I am so invested in these women. Lol! Also, I have NO IDEA why this episode irked me so much but I just want to ask these couples what the hell they are thinking half the time?!

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